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DIYers helping customers

DIY designers helping our customers and each other
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Anybody , Moderated
Who should be here:

Any DIY'er who might be able to fill a request. It doesn't matter what you make, anything from clothing to home decor, as long as it's DIY.

Anyone who loves DIY of any style

Feel free to request help in finding an specific DIY item, or someone willing to make it. Please be clear with details when making a request. Pictures of what you are looking for are welcome but if posting more than one please use a cut.

Requests for tutorials or DIY help is allowed

If you are looking for a specific craft item or website feel free to post that here too.

Ads are welcome only if they pertain to a recent request or you are willing to accept requests for the items in the ad (different color/size etc)

Anything that I missed.... as long as it relates to crafts and doing it yourself then feel free to ask here! Or post your favorite websites to help other crafters.